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My sister is picking up her schedule and just sent me this omg

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hahahahha people are trying to sell their pe textbook. I really hope those poor, naive freshmen don’t fall for that.

I decided to go through every post of my private blog from the beginning, and I pretty much remarked on only two things. 1. “Wow I on and off liked this guy so a v long time a time too long holy crap what a waste I’m embarrassed by these posts and literally no one can read them that’s how embarrassed I am” And 2. “Oh yeah this gaining weight/fitness log I did for like four weeks lolz what the holy shit how was I only 89 lbs my senior year is that even possible how was I not dying I did not even look that skinny my stomach was so not fab wait what happened to that underwear those were so cute”

My private blog is obvi very deep and thought-provoking. While this is sarcasm, it’s also not LOL.


We were playing two truths and a lie.



r u a shiba? cuz i wanna be inu.

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sometimes i see people who are complete social butterflies and i think how the fuck

glory what the heck this is totally you you can’t reblog this LOL

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throwing up bc omaha purge

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